Houston: Valet Trash and Recycling Collection

A Brief History:

Recycle NOW was started to remedy the lack of recycling options for apartment communities in Dallas, and is expanding to major Texas cities like Houston. Managers loved our focus on customer service, value, and proper implementation of recycling programs. We do our best to offer the best combination of product, price, and customer service for your doorstep trash and recycling service. We would be happy to provide a list of our references along with a free proposal for service.

What We Offer:

We offer each resident a leak-proof trash and recycling container along with free recycling bag. We employ real time analytics to monitor our collection times, and provide managers with instant access to time-stamped photos of resident violations making it simple to stay on top of your program. A big part of our service is helping educate residents on the proper materials that can and cannot be recycled, and we will happily partner with your leasing staff to throw a resident appreciation party where we provide complimentary food, drinks, and information about properly recycling at your community.

Our service is available up to seven nights a week. We also offer a curb-side pickup service along with junk-removal.

Get A Free Proposal:

Recycle NOW would love to submit a custom proposal for your property. Call us today at # 469-209-5430 or send us an e-mail at info@recyclenowtexas.com!

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Now Serving Dallas and Houston

Now Taking Pre-Orders: San Antonio and Austin

Additional Services: Junk Haul Removal, Odor Control

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