Recycle NOW: Fort Worth Valet Trash and Recycling Collection Service

Recycle NOW is a professionally managed provider of valet trash and recycling service.

Our headquarters are located in Dallas and we use an exceptional work ethic, and innovative service features to bring our clients the best possible combination of price, product, and service possible for valet trash and recycling.

Some of Recycle NOW’s service features include: time stamped photos of resident violations that sync automatically to your desktop, tablet, or mobile device, real time analytics to monitor nightly collection, and the unique ability to implement a recycling program without adding additional dumpsters to your property

Recycle NOW’s plans are fully customizable, and can provide our clients with up to seven nights of service a week. We also offer junk removal service, curb side pickup, and a recycling only service!

Many of our clients experience significant savings when they switch to Recycle NOW, but just because we offer savings does not mean we skimp on features. We provide our residents with a free recycling container and bags in addition to their leak proof trash container, and also leave behind a resident violation notices when necessary.

Additionally, we partner with the leasing office to sponsor green events to help educate the residents on the recycling program to ensure the proper items are being placed out for collection.

We would be happy to serve you. Call 469-209-5430 today and get a free proposal as well as a list of our references!

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