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About Us:

Recycle NOW was started to offer the ability to recycle to multi-family apartment communities in Texas. Due to demand by property managers, Recycle NOW added a valet trash service to our existing recycling program, and now offers the best combination of service and pricing for valet trash and recycling in Texas. We value customer service, a strong work ethic, and open honest communication with our clients to provide them with the best service possible.

Service Benefits:

Recycle NOW will go out of its way to help effectively implement our program and educate you residents on what they can and cannot recycle, and will provide educational materials for residents as well as partner with your leasing office to sponsor community events, complete with free food and drink, to educate residents and promote recycling awareness.

Our valet trash and recycling service is available up to seven nights a week, and we offer a separate, leak-proof container for both trash and recycling as well as free recycling bags. Some innovative service features that we employ are a GPS location service to monitor nightly collection as well as instant access to time-stamped photos of resident violations on desktop, tablet, and mobile devices. When combined these features make staying on top of your program simple and easy.

Implementing a valet trash and recycling service can also help boost your bottom line through ancillary income, keep your trash areas clean, and lessen your work load for your maintenance crew.

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Additional Services: Junk Haul Removal, Odor Control

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