Recycle NOW provides industry leading doorstep trash and recycling collection

Dallas Recycling Ordinance

Get Compliant With Our Doorstep Program!

Real-Time Analytics

Collection verified down to the last hallway and building

Valet Trash and Recycling Collection

Recycle NOW leverages the latest technology, excellent customer service, and competitive pricing to bring you the best valet trash and recycling collection possible. Here are the ways we continue to lead the industry in our door-to-door collection of trash and recycling.

Excellent Customer Service

Frustrated with inconsistent and overpriced valet trash pickup? Ask for a list of our referrals who love our customer service!

Real Time Analytics

Our industry first proprietary technology verifies collection for every hallway and building down to the last second

Resident Violation Access

Receive nightly, time-stamped photos of resident violations that are available instantly on all your devices!

Recycling Only Program

Requires zero onsite recycling dumpsters. Recycling goes from resident’s doorstep to off-site drop off. Complies with the Dallas Recycling Ordinance!

Recycling Container And Bags

We provide free 13 gallon recycling containers for each unit and free recycling bags for residents. We provide a free leak-proof trash container as well!

Junk Hauling

Our fleet of vehicles is ready for bulk item removal and can keep your common areas free of clutter.

Odor Control

Our innovative low water biological foam system eliminates any odor problems keeping your trash chutes and common smelling fresh and clean!

Start getting the following benefits for your property with the #1 rated amenity for residents in multi-family

Resident Education

Our green parties provide free food, fun, and recycling education for your residents!

Extra Ancillary Income

Our program boosts your property’s net operating income resulting in savings for your budget.

Green Living = More Leases!

In a 2010 rent.com survey, 86% of residents said they prefer to live in a green community and over half said they would pay more for it.

Clean Compactor Areas

Our team members will tidy up and reduce overflow on services nights making sure your trash chutes and compactor areas are clog free!

Compliance With Mandates

We will keep you compliant with any recycling regulations. No space? Start a recycling program without additional dumpsters!

Free Up Your Maintenance Staff

Recycle NOW can lighten the load of your maintenance team by taking over existing in-house collection letting them focus on what matters most!

Request a Bid

Recycle NOW would be delighted to provide a quote for service or answer any questions you have about our service.

Now Serving Dallas and Houston

Now Taking Pre-Orders: San Antonio and Austin

Additional Services: Junk Haul Removal, Odor Control

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